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nakedTREEpergola - Site Specific Plans

nakedTREEpergola - Site Specific Plans

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For projects where permits may be required, structural engineered plans will also be required. These site specific plans will be stamped and engineered for your specific location in order to pull the necessary permits for your project. Exact placement of the structure on your site will need to be verified in order to provide a site plan that is also included with this service.

*California requires a Building Permit and Engineered plans for any Structure over 120 sqft

Verify with your city to confirm if building plans are required before purchasing

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We garanty every naked tree pergola to be 100% natual and naked. Your pergola will be crafted from #2 grade BTR rough sawn timber with no additional procesing, treatment or finishing. This means you get the natual wood straight from the mill, inharently with all the character, mill marks, possibly banding strap marks and other natural imperfections of rough sawn timber. We also garanty all parts to be accuratly crafted with recision joinery for a simple assembly process. We cant garanty that additional cratched and dings from the shipping process won't occur,. But don't worry, thats why you buy a nakedTREEpergola ready to be refined and finished the way you like it.

  • nakedSHIPPING

    Curbside Freight Delivery- With your nakedTREEpergola weighing over 2000lbs and a little too big for most residential shippers, we ship all of our orders direct from our fabrication shop to your driveway or curb-side. Orders usually ship within 2-3 weeks.  Transit time varies by location 1-2 weeks.

  • nakedRETURNS

    Part of how we ensure the lowest possible price for a real timber shade structure is with our no return policy. All sales are final upon a verified online transaction. Because our costs are lower without returns, your value is higher. Be sure you are confident with your choice of size and style before making your purchase and we will guarantee your nakedTREEpergola to be everything we promised.